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Count Nándor Zichy » The palace on Lőrinc pap Square

The palace on Lőrinc pap Square

The wife of the Count, Lívia Zichy had the neo-baroque palace on Lőrinc pap tér built in 1899.

The building plot had of course many different owners before. In 1914 Lívia Klára inherited the palace, which then she sold to Countess Emma Károlyi in 1928. In the 1860’s this part of the city became the palace quarter of Pest because of the large number of new palace buildings being built near to the National Museum. This was not the only reason for Lívia to choose exactly this spot in the city.

The Heart of Jesus Jesuit Church neighboring the palace was one of the favorite churches of the Count. At the time the palace was built the Zichy family already lived in Adony, so presumably they used this palace during their business trips in Budapest.